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Furniture Kingsgrove

Transform Your Home With Our Furniture Collection Near Kingsgrove: No. 96 Factory Bargains Centre

Here at No 96 Factory Bargains Centre, we believe the right furniture can transform any space into a haven of comfort and style. Located near Kingsgrove, Kogarah, Beverly Hills and nearby suburbs, our store is a treasure trove of meticulously-crafted furniture designed to cater to every taste and need. From the plush comfort of our lounges and sofas to the elegant practicality of our dining and living room collections, we offer an array of choices to bring your dream home to life.

Elevate Your Dining Experience

Dining is not just about meals; it’s about creating memories. Our dining room collection, featuring everything from elegant dining tables to comfortable chairs and stylish stools, is designed to enhance these moments. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or enjoying a quiet meal with family, our furniture combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, ensuring every dining experience is exceptional.

Living Room Essentials: Comfort Meets Style

The living room is the heart of your home, a place for relaxation and gathering. With our furniture store near Kingsgrove, you can create a living room that’s inviting and a reflection of your style.

A Sanctuary of Sleep: Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a place of peace and relaxation. Our bedroom collection, from cosy bedframes to functional storage beds and stylish dressing tables, is designed to create a tranquil and organised space. With our furniture, you can transform your bedroom into a personal retreat that mirrors your taste and supports your comfort.

For the Little Ones: Kid-Friendly Furniture

We still remember the little ones! Our kids’ furniture range, including bunk beds, kid’s beds, and loft beds, is designed with fun and functionality. Crafted to inspire and endure, our furniture can create magical spaces for your children while ensuring their safety and comfort.

Work and Play: Home Office and Commercial Furniture

In today’s world, a home office is more than a luxury; it’s necessary. Our home office and commercial furniture collections are designed to create productive and inspiring workspaces. From ergonomic chairs to spacious desks, our furniture near Kingsgrove ensures that your work-from-home experience is comfortable and efficient.

Outdoor Living: Extend Your Style Outdoors

Embrace the beauty of outdoor living with our outdoor furniture collection. Whether it’s a cosy daybed for lazy afternoons or robust dining sets for alfresco meals, our range is designed to withstand the elements while adding style and comfort to your outdoor spaces.

Contact Us: We're Here to Help

Ready to transform your Kingsgrove home with beautiful, high-quality furniture? Visit us near Kingsgrove or contact our friendly team at No 96 Factory Bargains Centre. Call us at 02 9524 1044 or email fbc96@yahoo.com.au for any inquiries or to discuss your furniture needs. We’re here to help you create spaces that are not just houses but homes filled with love, comfort, and style.

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